• Completare formular in engleza
  • Compunerea unei scrisori in engleza

    Elementele unei scrisori oficiale in engleza
    1. Adresa proprie - se scrie in coltul din dreapta sus
    2. Adresa destinatar - se scrie pe stanga mai jos de nivelul adresei proprii.
    3. Formula de politete
    Dear Sir or Madam - Draga Dle sau Dna - in cazul in care nu stim cine ne va citi scrisoarea
    Dear Mr X sau Dear Mrs X in caz contrar.
    4.Continutul: O fraza introductiva care sa explice scopul scrisorii: cerere, plangere etc
    5.Continutul propriu zis. Scurt si la obiedt
    6.Un paragraf de incheiere in care sa precizezi ce masura vrei sa ia destinatarul.
    7.Formula de incheiere: Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully etc

    Exemple de scrisoare

    Order - Scrisoare de comanda

    123, S Figueroa Str
    San Francisco, CA

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to purchase the Encyclopedia of the Living World which I saw advertised in your company catalogue.
    I have sent the amount of ... $ to the address specified in the catalogue via Paypal
    I am hoping I will receive it in two weeks as advertised.
    Mr Anderson

    Letter of confirmation - Scrisoare de confirmare

    123 E Shelby Ave
    Houghton, MI 48831

    Dear Mr Anderson,
    Your order has been processed. We are pleased to inform you that your order for The Encyclopedia of the Living World should arrive on Tuesday, April 1st
    If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at the phone number provided.
    Thank you for shopping with us.
    Best wishes,
    Mr Jones

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