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  • Lista verbe neregulate cu exemple

    1.To Awake - Awoke - Awoken: A se trezi
    My noisy parrot awakes me every morning - Papagalul meu zgomotos ma scoala in fiecare dimineata

    2.To Be - Was/Were - Been: A Fi
    This is my house - Aceasta este casa mea
    Where there is a will there is a way - Unde exista o vointa, exista si o cale
    Two plus three is 5 - 2 + 3 fac 5

    3.To Bear - Bore - Borne: - A purta
    I bear all the responsibility for what happened - Eu port toata raspunderea pentru ceea ce s-a intamplat.
    She bore the basket on her head - Ducea cosul pe cap
    He bore the pain in silence - El suporta durerea in liniste

    4.To Beat - Beat - Beaten - A Bate
    I beat you at chess! Hahaha! - Te-am batut la sah, hahaha! I beat the carpets monthly - Bat lunar covoarele

    5.Become - Became - Become - A deveni
    He became the best football coach in the world - A devenit cel mai bun antrenor de fotbal din lume
    What became of him? - Ce s-a ales de el?
    Does white become me? - Mi se potriveste albul?

    6.Begin - Began - Begun - A incepe
    I began writing my thesis - Am inceput sa-mi scriu teza de doctorat
    This does not even begin to cover the costs - Aceasta nici nu incepe sa acopere costurile

    7.Bend - Bent - Bent - A indoi
    The car door was bent in the accident - Usa de la masina s-a indoit in accident
    Some lawyers bend the truth - Unii avocati distorsioneaza adevarul
    Will you bend the rule a bit, this time? - Vrei sa faci o mica exceptie de la regula, de data asta?

    8.Bet - Bet - Bet - A pune pariu
    That is the horse I bet my money on - Acesta e calul pe care mi-am pariat banii.
    Your best bet is to see a lawyer - Cea mai buna solutie e sa mergi la un avocat
    I bet you'll like the trip - Pun pariu ca o sa-ti placa calatoria

    9.Bid - Bid - Bid - A oferi un pret
    Let the bidding begin! - Sa inceapa ofertele de pret!
    He bid the kind family farewell - Si-a luat la revedere de la familia buna la inima.

    10.Bind - Bound - Bound - A lega (sfori, carti etc)
    Serfs in the Middle Ages were bound to the land - Iobagii din Evul Mediu erau legati de pamant
    The villagers bound up the robber - Satenii l-au legat pe hot

    11.Bite - Bit - Bitten - A musca
    He was bitten by 22 cats and a kitten - A fost muscat de 22 de pisici si un pisoi.
    He bit the bait - A muscat din momeala
    A mosqito bit me - M-a ciupit un tantar

    12.Bleed - Bled - Bled - A sangera
    His nose was bleeding - Ii curgea sange din nas.
    The color of the shirt bled into the other fabrics and now everything is brown - Culoarea de la camasa s-a raspandit in celelalte materiale si acum totul e maroniu

    13.Blow - Blew - Blown - A sufla
    The wind blew his hat off - Vantul i-a luat palaria
    Blow your nose! she said to her little boy. - Sufla-ti nasul! a spus ea baietelului ei.
    The bomb almost blew up in my face! - Bomba aproape ca mi-a explodat in fata!
    He blew out the candles - A stins lumanarile (sufland in ele)

    14.Break - Broke - Broken - A (se) sparge, A se strica

    He broke the vase! - A spart vaza!
    He broke his arm! - Si-a rupt mana!
    The TV is broke. - Televizorul e stricat.
    He broke the world record - A depasit recordul mondial
    He broke the law - A incalcat legea
    They broke up - S-au despartit.
    We'll break for cofee. - Vom face o pauza de cafea.

    15.Bring - Brought - Brought - A aduce
    I brought supplies for the troops - Am adus provizii pentru trupe
    The enemy was brought to his knees - Dusmanul a fost infrant(ingenuncheat)
    The quarrel brought out the worst in him - Cearta a scos la iveala toate caracteristicile lui negative
    He brought it upon himself - Si-a facut-o cu mana lui.
    It was brought to my attention - Mi s-a semnalat

    16.Build - Built - Built - A construi
    The house was built around 1850 - Casa a fost construita in jurul anului 1850
    The house had a shelf built-in the wall. - Casa avea un raft incorpoat in perete

    17.Burn - Burnt/Burned - Burnt/Burned - A arde
    He burns all his letters - Isi arde toate scrisorile
    His job is burning him out - Slujba il epuizeaza

    18.Burst - Burst - Burst - A plesni, a fi plin ochi, a izbucni
    The kid was bursting with energy - Copilul plesnea de energie
    The balloon burst from the heat - Balonul a explodat de la caldura.
    The crowd burst out laughing - Multimea a izbucnit in ras.
    He burst out the door - A iesit cu putere (a izbucnit) pe usa.

    19.Buy - Bought - Bought - A cumpara
    I bought a new refridgerator - Am cumparat un frigider nou.
    He didn't buy my excuse - Nu a crezut scuza mea
    Going by taxi will buy you some time - Daca mergi cu taxi-ul mai castigi niste timp.

    20.Cast - Cast - Cast - A arunca (doar anumite lucruri, multe din ele nautice)
    He cast a glance - A aruncat o privire
    The sea cast them to shore - Marea i-a aruncat la tarm
    The fisherman cast his net - Pescarul si-a aruncat plasa de pescuit in apa
    The fishermat cast the fishing line into the sea - Pescarul si-a aruncat firul de pescuit in apa
    This certainly casts some doubt over his innocence - Aceasta arunca cu siguranta o indoiala asupra nevinovatiei lui.
    In the summer, I like sitting in the long shadow cast by the tower - Vara imi place sa stau la umbra aruncata de turn.

    Catch - Caught - Caught - A prinde
    He caught the ball - A prins mingea.
    He caught a cold - A racit
    He was caught stealing - A fost prins furand
    He caught the bus - A prins autobuzul
    I didn't catch all you said - Nu am prins tot ce ai spus

    22.Choose - Chose - Chosen - A alege
    She was chosen for the team - A fost aleasa in echipa
    You may leave if you choose - Poti pleca, daca doresti.
    I cannot choose to stand aside - Nu pot sa aleg sa nu ma implic.

    23.Clap - Clapped/Clapt - Clapped/Clapt - A bate din palme, a incropi
    The children were clapping their hands - Copii bateau din palme
    They clapped up a garage - Au incropit un garaj

    24.Cling - Clung - Clung - A se agata, a se tine strans
    The bus passengers were clinging to the seats in front during the bumpy ride. - Pasagerii autobuzului se tineau de scaunele din fata in timpul calatoriei cu denivelari.
    They cling to old-fashioned ideas. - Ei se agata de idei invechite

    25.Clothe - Clad/Clothed - Clad/Clothed - A imbraca (cuvant vechi)
    The queen was clothed in gold and silver - Regina era imbracata in aur si argint
    Trees clothed in a rainbow of colors - Copaci imbracati intr-un curcubeu de culori

    26.Come - Came - Come - A veni
    Come see me! - Vino sa ma vezi!
    They came to a conclusion - Au ajuns la o concluzie
    My family comes first - Familia vine intai (are prioritate)
    The project is coming along very well - Proiectul inainteaza foarte bine.
    A wrench would come in handy - Un cleste ar fi util
    It's all coming back to me now. - Incep sa imi amintesc totul

    27.Cost - Cost - Cost - A costa
    How much does asparagus cost? - Cat costa sparanghelul
    It almost cost me my life - Aproape ca m-a costat viata

    28.Creep - Crept - Crept - A se tara
    A spider was creeping up the wall - Un paianjen se urca pe perete
    Depression can creep up on you - Depresia poate sa te cuptinda pe nesimtite

    29.Cut - Cut - Cut - A taia
    He cut the apple in two - A taiat marul in doua
    I have to cut my hair - Trebuie sa ma tund
    That child sometimes cuts class - Copilul acela cateodata chiuleste
    That paragraph was cut out - Acel paragraf a fost scos
    He cut in line in front of me - A intrat in fata mea, peste rand
    He was cut off from the will - A fost scos din testament
    I'm not cut out to be a hero. - Nu sunt facut sa fiu erou

    30.Dare - Dared - Dared - a provoca, a indrazni
    I dare you to jump from the tree - Te provoc sa sari din copac
    Why would I dare do something as silly as that - De ce as indrazni sa fac ceva atat de necugetat?

    31.Deal - Dealt - Dealt - A se ocupa de, a avea de-a face cu, a face afaceri, a imparti carti de joc
    He deals with a lot everyday - Se ocupa de multe lucruri zilnic.
    As a teacher she deals with many parents - Ca profesoara are de-a face cu multi parinti
    He deals in cutlery - El vinde tacamuri

    32.Dig - Dug - Dug - A sapa
    I want to dig up my garden this spring - Vreau sa imi sap gradina in primavara asta
    Don't dig your nails into my arm like that! - Nu-ti mai baga unghiile in bratul meu!
    He dug up a treasure!Unbelivable! - A scos din pamant o comoara! Formidabil!

    33.Dive - Dived/Dove - Dived
    He dived into the crowd - A plonjat in multime
    He dived into the ocean waves - A plonjat in valurile oceanului

    34.Do - Did - Done - A face
    The boy did his homework - Baiatul si-a facut temele
    He did the dishes - El a spalat vasele
    He always does his duty - El totdeauna isi face datoria
    There is still a lot to do - Mai sunt multe de facut
    What do you do for a living? - Cu ce te ocupi?
    Do your best, leave the rest - Fa totul cat mai bine, nu te deranja de altceva
    She does her hair every morning - Isi face parul in fiecare dimineata
    He did jail time for car theft - A facut puscarie pentru furt de masini
    Do as the teacher says - Fa cum iti spune profesoara
    A ham sandwich would do nicely - Un sendvis cu sunca ar merge bine
    That should do it - Asta rezolva problema
    I could do without this - As trai si fara asta (spus de ceva care te deranjeaza)

    35.Draw - Drew - Drawn - A desena, a scoate
    He can't draw - El nu poate sa deseneze
    I will draw the conclusions - Voi prezenta concluziile.
    They still draw water from a fountain - Ei inca scot apa din fantana.
    The nurse came to draw blood - Asistenta medicala a venit sa ia sange
    If you wear a turban you will draw attention - Daca porti un turban ai sa atragi atentie

    36.Dream - Dreamt/Dreamed - Dreamt/Dreamed - A visa
    I dream of going to Hawaii - Visez sa merg in Hawaii
    Last night, I dreamed I was flying over the moon - Azi noapte am visat ca zburam deasupra lunii.

    37.Drink - Drank - Drunk - A bea
    I drink a cup of milk in the morning - Dimineata beau un pahar de lapte.
    I sat in the forest, and drank in the beauty around me. - Am stat in padure si am absorbit frumusetea din jur.

    38.Drive - Drove - Driven - A conduce
    He drives a taxi - El conduce un taxi
    She'll be driving six white horses - Ea va conduce sase cai albi.
    The enemy was driven out of the country - Inamicul a fost izgonit din tara
    He drives me crazy - Ma innebuneste
    Water drives the turbine - Apa pune in miscare turbina
    What are you driving at? - Unde bati?

    39.Eat - Ate - Eaten - A manca
    I love eating spaghetti and cheese - Im place sa mananc spaghetti cu branza
    Rust ate away the pillars of the old bridge - Rugina a mancat stalpii vechiului pod.
    What's eating you? - Ce te roade?

    40.Fall - Fell - Fallen - A cadea
    When the apple fell, Newton discovered gravity - Cand a cazut marul Newton a descoperit gravitatia
    London bridge is falling down - Podul Londrei se prabuseste (incetul cu incetul)
    Night falls earlier in winter. - Noaptea vine mai devreme iarna
    The knight fell in love with the beautiful princess - Cavalerul s-a indragostit de frumoasa printesa
    The peasant fell to his knees when the heavenly light shone upon him - Taranul a cazut in genunchi atunci cand lumina divina s-a varsat asupra lui.
    My eyes fell on a letter he had on his desk - Ochii mi-au cazut pe o scrisoare de pe biroul lui
    When I told him the stock market crashed, his face fell - Cand i-am spus ca bursa a cazut, i-au cazut trasaturile.
    When does Easter fall this year? - Cand cade Pastele anul acesta? A lot of rain has fallen this spring. - A plouat mult in primavara asta.
    The governement fell - A cazut guvernul
    If you don't study you'll fall behind - Daca nu studiezi vei ramane in urma
    This cottage is falling apart - Casuta asta se darama (incetul cu incetul)

    41.Feed - Fed - Fed - A hrani
    I need somebody to feed my chickens, said Sfanta Vineri. - Am nevoie de cineva care sa-mi hraneasca puii, spuse Sfanta Vineri.
    This region alone feeds the towns around it. - Aceasta regiune singura hraneste orasekle din jur.

    42.Feel - Felt - Felt - A simti
    Do you feel the spirit of Christmas in the air? - Simti in aer spritul Craciunului?
    I felt my heart sink - Am simtit cum mi-a cazut inima.
    I felt her little hand tugging at my skirt - I-am simtit maina mica tragandu-ma de fusta
    A blind man sees by feeling with his hands - Cineva orb vede pipaind cu mainile.
    I feel for you - Te inteleg, sunt alaturi de tine.

    43.Fight - Fought - Fought - A se bate, a se certa
    We will fight to the death - Ne vom bate pana la moarte
    My neighbors fight all the time - Vecinii mei se cearta tot timpul
    He was fighting off a swarm of flies - Usuia de pe el un roi de muste
    The child fought back tears - Copilul si-a luptat sa nu planga

    44.Find - Found - Found - A gasi
    I need to find my cat - Trebuie sa-mi gasesc pisica
    Will I ever find happiness? - Voi gasi vreodata fericirea?
    I find this story to be far-fetced. - Mi se pare aceasta poveste, exagerata.
    Stop finding fault with me! - Nu imi mai tot gasi cusururi!

    45.Fit - Fit/Fitted - Fit/Fitted - A potrivi
    Can you fit into this dress? - Te incape rochia asta>
    I can't fit these shoes into the box. - Nu reusesc sa bag acesti pantofi in cutie.
    This fall scenery fits my mood - Aceasta priveliste de toamna se potriveste cu starea mea de spirit

    46.Flee - Fled - Fled - A fugi (dar nu a alerga de placere)
    They tried to flee the country - Au incercat sa fuga din tara
    The robber fled from the house with the police at his heels - Hotul a fugit din casa cu politia dupa el
    He fled the scene of the crime - A fugit de la locul crimei.

    47.Fling - Flung - Flung - A arunca
    He flung himself in a chair - S-a aruncat intr-un scaun.
    David flung a stone at Goliath - David a aruncat cu o piatra in Goliath
    He flung up his arms in hopelessness - Si-a aruncat bratele in sus in disperare.

    48.Fly - Flew - Flown - A zbura
    A happy parrot flew high into the sky - Uu papagal fericit s-a inaltat sus in cer.
    He flew over the North Pole - A zburat peste Polul Nord
    The ship flew the Romanian flag - Vaporul arbora drapelul romanesc.
    Splinters were flying everywhere - Aschii zburau peste tot.

    49.Forbid - Forbade/Forbad - Forbidden - A interzice
    I forbid you to go! - Iti interzic sa te duci
    God forbid! - Doamne fereste!

    50.Foresee - Foresaw - Foreseen - A prevedea(
    He did not foresee that - Nu s-a asteptat la asta
    An unforeseen storm hit the Gulf of Mexico. - O furtuna neasteptata a lovit Golful Mexic

    51.Foretell - Foretold - Foretold - A prevesti
    Nostradamus foretold many future events - Nostradamus a prevesit multe evenimente viitoare

    52.Forget - Forgot - Forgotten - A uita
    An elephant never forgets - Un elefant nu uita niciodata

    53.Forgive - Forgave - Forgiven - A ierta
    Forgive me for asking: How old are you? - Iarta-ma ca te intreb: Cati ani ai?
    He forgave the burglar - El l-a iertat pe hpt
    They say to forgive and forget is a wise idea - Se spune ca a ierta si a uita e o idee inteleapta.

    54.Forsake - Forsook - Forsaken - A uita de, a abandona
    Someday, this God forsaken land will grow more than weeds. - Intr-o zi, acest pamant uitat de Dumnezeu va creste si altceva in afara de buruieni.

    55.Freeze - Froze - Frozen - A ingheta
    That lake freezes in the winter - Lacul acela ingheata iarna
    He froze in his tracks when he saw the bear - A inlemnit in cale cand a vazut ursul.
    My computer froze, it needs rebooted - Computerul nu mai merge, trebuie repornit.
    He froze in front of the camera - A inlemnit in fata aparatului de filmat.

    56.Get - Got - Got/Gotten - A primi, a intelege
    I got a puppy for my friend - Am luat un catelus pentru prietenul meu
    I got The Three Musketeers from the library - Am luat "Cei 3 Muschetari" de la biblioteca.
    How do you get there? - Cum ajungi acolo?
    I don't get it - Nu inteleg
    Get a haircut - Tunde-te!
    I got off at the wrong station - M-am dat jos la alta statie (decat trebuia)
    I got on the next train - M-am suit in urmatorul tren
    Everyday I get to school at 8 in the morning - In fiecare zi ajung la scoala la 8 dimineata
    I will stay at home because I got the flu - Voi sta acasa fiindca sunt racit
    I didn't get your name when we were introduced. - Nu ti-am retinut numele cand am fost prezentati
    We've got a little cabin in the mountains - Avem o mica cabana in munti
    I hope I got my point across - Sper ca m-am facut inteles
    Word got around. - Stirea s-a raspandit
    They barely get by - Abia se descurca cu banii
    Getting back to the subject - Intorcandu-ne la subiect
    Let's get to the subject - Hai sa ajungem la subiect
    Let's get down to work - Hai sa ne apucam de treaba. Don't get into trouble - Nu da de vreo belea
    Get out of here - Iesi afara de aici!
    The whole family got together last week - Intreaga familie s-a adunat saptamana trecuta
    We get along well - Ne intelegem bine.
    I get up at six - Ma scol la 6.

    57.Give - Gave - Given - A da
    We gave the waiter a tip - I-am dat chelnerului un bacsis
    He gave me a pencil/a car/a house/a drink ... - Mi-a dat un creion/o masina/o casa/o bautura...
    Give me an example/your word/a piece of advice... - Mi-a dat un exemplu/cuvantul lui/un sfat...
    He gave me a nod - Mi-a facut semn din cap
    Give him my best wishes. - Transmite-i toate urarile mele de bine.
    He gave his life - Si-a dat viata
    He gave out a scream - A tipat
    He gave a party - A dat o petrecere
    He gives me the creeps - Imi da fiori.(Ma inspaimanta)
    A cow gives milk - O vaca da lapte
    He gave me a wink - Mi-a facut cu ochiul.
    Those doors give onto the garden - Acele usi dau in gradina
    He gave me back my binoculars - Mi-a dat inapoi binoclul
    He finally gave in to my insistance - In sfarsit a cedat insistentelor mele
    The cow gave out a deep Moo - Vaca a scos un Moo adanc
    The robber gave himself up - Hotul s-a predat
    I gave up looking for buried treasures - Am reuntat sa mai caut comori ingropate

    58.Go - Went - Gone - A pleca, a merge, a se duce
    I go by bus - Ma duc cu autobuzul
    Go away! - Pleaca de aici!
    He went on and on about how unfair this is - A vorbit intruna ce nedreapta e situatia
    I am going to do this - Voi face acest lucru
    He went mad - A innebunit
    That book goes there - Cartea aceea merge acolo
    Orange and green go well together
    It goes without saying - Se subintelege
    All these rugs have to go - Toate aceste covoare trebuie sa dispara
    How are things going? - Cum merg lucrurile
    I go: Whaaat? - Zic: Ceee?
    As time goes by I like this house more - Cu trecerea timpului imi place mai mult casa asta.
    Can I go in there? - Pot sa intru acolo? Let's go out! - Hai sa iesim!

    Grind - Ground - Ground - A macina

    Grind the wheat at the mill! - Macina-ti graul la moara!
    He would grind his teeth - Scrasnea din dinti

    60.Grow - Grew - Grown - A creste
    My apple tree is growing nicely - Marul meu creste frumos
    The suspense was growing every minute - Suspansul crestea din clipa in clipa
    He grows a beard - Isi lasa barba
    He grows chickens - Creste pui
    The days grow shorter - Zilele se scurteaza
    Nights grow longer - Noptile se lungesc. He grew up - S-a facut mare.

    61.Hang - Hung/Hanged - Hung/Hanged - A atarna, a spanzura
    Hang - Hung - Hung - verb neregulat inseamna a atarna
    Hang - Hanged - Hanged - verb regulat inseamna a spanzura

    I will hang the painting in the livingroom - Voi atarna tabloul in sufragerie
    He will hang at dawn - Va fi spanzurat la rasaritul soarelui.
    He hung his head in shame - Si-a lasat capul in jos de rusine
    We hung out together in highschool - Ieseam impreuna in liceu.

    62.Have - Had - Had - A avea
    I have a car - Am o masina
    Can I have some mashed potatoes - Pot sa iau niste piure? May I have a look? - Pot sa arunc o privire?
    I had a talk with him. - Am avut o discutie cu el.
    Let's have a party! - Hai sa dam o petrecere!
    I had a good time - M-am distrat bine.
    I must have breakfast/lunch etc first - Intai trebuie sa mananc de dimineata/pranz etc.
    They have 2 children - Ei au 2 copii
    She had a baby. - A nascut.
    This has nothing to do with you - Aceasta treaba nu are legatura cu tine.

    63.Hear - Heard - Heard - A auzi
    Do you hear what I hear? - Auzi ce aud eu?
    I heard Mary has a little lamb - Am auzit ca Mary are un mielut.
    I won't hear of it! - Nici nu vreau sa aud!
    Please, hear me out - Te rog asculta si ce am eu de spus!

    64.Hide - Hid - Hidden - A (se) ascunde
    The rabbit was hiding from the fox - Iepurele era ascuns de vulpe
    Outlaws hid in dark forests - Haiducii se ascundeau in paduri intunecate

    65.Hit - Hit - Hit - A (se) lovi
    He hit the table with his fist - A lovit cu pumnul in masa
    I hit my thumb when hammering a nail - M-am lovit la degul mare pe cand bateam un cui.
    The bullet hit the target - Glontul a lovit tinta
    The company was hit hard by the recession - Firma a fost greu lovita de recesiune.

    66.Hold - Held - Held - A (se) tine
    He held the book on his knees - Tinea cartea pe genunchi
    He held on to the handrail - S-a tinut de balustrada
    He held his breath - Si-a tinut respiratia
    Let's see what the future holds. - Sa vedem ce ne rezerva viitorul
    He held his tongue - Si-a tinut limba

    67.Hurt - Hurt - Hurt - A durea, a se lovi
    My head/stomach/arm/tooth etc hurts - Ma doare capul/stomacul/bratul/dintele etc
    His words hurt - Cuvintele lui m-au durut
    It never hurts to be polite - Niciodata nu strica sa fii politicos.

    68.Keep - Kept - Kept - A tine, a pastra
    He kept coming back into the store - Se tot intorcea in magazin.
    She keeps parrots - Ea creste papagali
    Keep the children quiet. - Fa-i pe copii sa taca.
    Keep safe on the road - Stai (pastreaza-te) in siguranta pe drum.
    Can you keep a secret? - Poti sa tii un secret?
    This project will keep him busy - Acest proiect il va tine ocupat
    I keep records of all spendings - Tin evidente pentru toate cheltuielile.
    Keep your voice down - Vorbeste incet.
    Keep up the good work - Continua munca cea buna.
    He keeps to himself - E retras.

    69.Kneel - Knelt/Kneeled - Knelt/Kneeled - A ingenunchea
    He kneeled beside his sick dog - A ingenuncheat langa cainele sau bolnav.

    70.Knit - Knit/Knitted - Knit/Knitted
    His grandmother would knit beautiful sweaters. - Bunica lui impletea pulovere frumoase.

    71.Know - Knew - Known - A sti, a cunoaste.
    He knows many poems - El stie multe poezii.
    I know you - Te cunosc.
    I have known him for a long time. - Il cunosc de multa vreme
    You never know what might happen - Niciodata nu stii ce s-ar putea intampla.

    72.Lay - Laid - Laid - A pune
    He wanted to lay down and rest - Vroia sa se intinda ca sa se odihneasca.
    He laid the table - A pus masa
    He laid the bedspread upon the bed - A pus cuvertura pe pat.
    He laid thick coats of paint. - A dat straturi groase de vopsea.
    If he lays a finger on my dog I will sue - Daca face vreun rau cainelui meu il dau in judecata.
    My hen lays big eggs. - Gaina mea face oua mari.

    73.Lead - Led - Led - A conduce
    He led his army to victory - Si-a condus armata la victorie.
    The trail led them to the famous cave - Drumul i-a condus la celebra pestera.
    He led the way when the children crossed the street. - El i-a condus (a stat in fata lor) cand copiii au traversat strada
    He leads an interesting life - El duce o viata interesanta

    74.Lean - Leant/Leaned - Leant/Leaned - A se inclina, a se sprijini
    The leaning tower of Pisa started to be built in 1172. - Turnul inclinat din Pisa a inceput sa fie construit in 1172.
    He leans on me for help - Se sprijina de mine sa il ajut.
    He leaned against the wall in pain - S-a sprijinit de perete datorita durerii.

    75.Leap - Leapt/Leaped - Leapt/Leaped - A sari (ca o lacusta si in sus)
    With the bull right behind him, the man leaped over the wall - Cu taurul in urma lui, barbatul a trecut peste zid dintr-o saritura
    He learns by leaps and bounds - Invata in salturi.
    He leaped at the chance to go to Tokyo - A actionat imediat pentru sansa de a merge la Tokyo

    76.Learn - Learnt/Learned - Learnt/Learned - A invata, a afla
    I learned Chinese - Am invatat chinezeste
    He learned he was broke - A aflat ca nu mai are nici un ban

    77.Leave - Left - Left - A pleca, a lasa
    He left in a hurry - A plecat in graba
    He left me a note - Mi-a lasat un bilet.
    Because he was late, he was left out of the game. - Deoarece a intarziat, a fost omis din meci.
    Do your best, leave the rest - Fa totul cat mai bine, lasa restul(alte framantari).
    Leave me alone! - Lasa-ma-n pace!
    The train leaves at 9. - Trenul pleaca la 9. Anne left Bill - Anne l-a parasit pe Bill.

    78.Lend - Lent - Lent - A imprumuta
    He lent me a book - Mi-a imprumutat o carte
    We are building a house. Can you lend us a hand? - Construim o casa. Poti sa ne ajuti?

    79.Let - Let - Let - A lasa
    He will let the parrot out of the cage - A lasat papagalul afara din cusca
    Let a be greater than b - Fie a mai mare ca b
    Let him in. - Lasa-l sa intre
    Let us pray - Sa ne rugam.
    I can't drive a car, let alone a bus - Nu pot sa conduc o masina, darmite un autobuz
    Don't let me down! - Nu ma dezamagi.

    80.Lie - Lay - Lain - A sta culcat

    A nu se confunda cu to lie care inseamna a minti

    Saturday morning, I like to lie in bed - Sambata dimineata imi place sa stau culcat in pat.
    You left the book lying on the floor - Ai last cartea pe podea.
    Constanta lies on the Black Sea coast -Constanta se afla pe tarmul Marii Negre.
    Here lies Mihail Eminescu - Aici, se odihneste Eminescu
    If I lay low maybe the bear won't find me - Daca stau pitit poate ca ursul nu ma va gasi.
    I laid out a wonderful plan - Am conceput un plan grozav.

    81.Light - Lit - Lit - A aprinde
    Light a fire! - Fa un foc!
    I lit the lamp - Am aptins lampa
    Her face lights up when she hears of her home town.
    Because of the drought the forest lit up - Datorita secetei padurea a luat foc.

    82.Lose - Lost - Lost - A pierde
    I lost my wallet - Mi-am pierdut portofelul
    He got lost in the city - S-a ratacit in oras.
    He lost his job last week. - Si-a pierdut slujba saptamana trecuta.
    He loses his temper too easily - Isi pierde cumpatul prea usor.
    I must lose weight - Trebuie sa slabesc.

    83.Make - Made - Made - A face, a produce
    The baby was making a lot of noise - Copilul mic facea mult zgomot.
    The carpenter made a table - Tamplarul a facut o masa
    He made a mistake in these calculations. - A facut o greseala in aceste calcule
    I'm making lunch - Pregatesc pranzul
    He made the bed - A facut patul
    He made a phone call - A dat un telefon
    He barely made it - A ajuns in ultima clipa.
    2 and 4 make 6 - 2 si cu 4 fac 6.
    He made up with his friend - S-a impacat cu prietenul sau.
    He made off with the money - A plecat cu banii.

    84.Mean - Meant - Meant - A insemna
    What do you mean? - Ce vrei sa spui?
    He didn't mean it - N-a vorbit serios (N-a vrut sa te jigneasca).
    What does this word mean? - Ce inseamna acest cuvant?
    How do you mean to find him? - Cum ai de gand sa-l gasesti.
    This means war! - Acest lucru inseamna razboi! (adica acest lucru m-a suparat foarte tare)
    Your support means a lot to me - Sprijinul tau are mare importanta pentru mine.

    85.Meet - Met - Met - A (se) intalni
    Lets meet at 8 - Hai sa ne intalnim la 8.
    He did not meet all the required conditions - El nu indeplinea toate conditiile cerute.
    Our project met the committee's approval. - Proiectul nostru a primit (a intalnit) aprobarea comitetului.
    The horizon is an illusion. Land never meets sky. - Orizontul e o iluzie. Pamantul nu intalneste cerul niciodata

    86.Melt - Melted - Molten/Melted - A (se) topi

    Dupa cum se vede, numai Molten e o forma neregulata

    The snowman melted. - Omul de zapada s-a topit.
    Molten lava - lava topita
    Molten iron - fier topit

    87.Mistake - Mistook - Mistaken - A lua ceva drept altceva

    A nu confunda cu substantivul mistake.
    A mistake inseamna o greseala
    Insa a gresi = to make a mistake

    Se foloseste cu for

    Oh I'm sorry. I mistook you for somebody else - O, iarta-ma te-am luat drept altcineva
    I mistook him for a beggar - Am crezut ca e cersetor

    88.Mow - Mowed - Mown - A tunde iarba
    I have to mow the lawn - Trebuie sa tund gazonul

    89.Pay - Paid - Paid - A plati
    Wait till I go pay - Asteapta pana ma duc sa platesc.
    I paid a lot for the car. - Am dat mult pe masina
    It pays good interest. - Da dobanda buna.
    It pays to work hard - Da rezultate munca grea.
    Can you pay off your debts? - Poti sa iti platesti datoriile?

    90.Prove - Proved - Proven/Proved - A (se) dovedi, a demonstra

    Forma proved se foloseste ca verb, forma proven ca adjectiv.

    I have proved this, so now it is a proven fact - Am dovedit aceasta asa ca acum e un fapt dovedit
    The party proved to be a succes - Petrecerea s-a dovedit a fi de succes.
    I proved this theorem - Am demonstrat aceasta teorema

    91.Put - Put - Put - A pune
    Put that book back where it belongs - Pune cartea inapoi unde-i e locul
    I have to put my coat on - Trebuie sa pun haina pe mine.
    Can I put(sau ask) a question? - Pot sa pun o intrebare?
    ' Bluntly put, my answer is NO - Pe scurt (pus scurt) raspunsul meu e nu.
    Stop putting this off! - Nu mai amana!
    Put out that fire first, it's dangerous - Intai stinge focul acela, e periculos.
    I am finished putting up with him! - Am terminat sa il mai rabd!

    92.Quit - Quit - Quit - A-si da demisia, a renunta
    I quit my job - Mi-am dat demisia
    I quit smoking - Am renuntat la fumat.

    93.Read - Read - Read - A citi
    I learned to read at 5 - Am invatat sa citesc la 5 ani.
    You read my mind - Mi-ai citit gandurile
    I wouldn't read to much into that - Eu n-as interpreta asta ca insemnand prea mult.
    The ammeter reads 10 amps - Ampermetrul indica 10 amperi.
    Read out the rules - Citeste cu voce tare regulile
    I need to read up on my history - Trebuie sa-mi improspatez cunostintele de istorie.

    94.Rid - Rid/Ridded - Rid/Ridded - A scapa de
    The candidate promised to rid the city of stray dogs. - Candidatul a promis sa scape cainele de caini vagabonzi.
    He's rid of his debts - A scapat de datorii.

    95.Ride - Rode - Ridden - A calari, a merge cu un mijloc de transport
    He rode away into the sunset - A calarit pierzandu-se in lumina apusului de soare.
    She rides a tan horse - Ea calareste un cal bej.
    He rides the bus to work - Merge cu autobuzul la serviciu.
    She loves riding a bike - Ei ii place sa mearga pe bicicleta.

    96.Ring - Rang - Rung - A suna
    Ring me up! - Suna-ma!
    What he says rings true - Ce spune el suna adevarat.
    The doorbell is ringing - E cineva la usa (Soneria suna)
    The classroom rang with laughter - Clasa a rasunat de rasete

    97.Rise - Rose - Risen - A se ridica

    To rise e numai a se ridica
    To raise (verb regulat) e a ridica

    The sun rises in the east - Soarele se ridica in est.
    Hot air balloons were rising in the sky during the festivities - Baloanele cu aer cald se ridicau pe cer in timpul festivitatilor.
    Inflation causes prices to rise - Inflatia face ca preturile sa creasca.
    The preacher's voice rose till it sounded like thunder - Vocea predicatorului a crescut pana a devenit ca un tunet.
    I saw a thin column of smoke rising in the distance - Am vazut o coloana subtire de fum ridicandu-se in departare.
    He rose from his seat with difficulty - S-a sculat de pe scaun cu dificultate.
    The city of Warsaw rose from the ashes after WW2 - Orasul Varsovia s-a ridicat din cenusa dupa razboi.

    98.Run - Ran - Run - A alerga, a merge (despre aparate), a conduce, a candida
    He ran the whole marathon - A alergat intreg maratonul
    He wants to run for president - Vrea sa candideze la presedentie.
    The TV runs all day - Televizorul sta aprins toata ziua.
    The rehearsal ran from 3pm to 8pm. - Repetitia a tinut de la 3 la 8 dupa masa.
    The scientist was running a six month experiment
    - Savantul desfasura un experiment cu durata de sase luni.
    It seems you've run out of luck, we have no more umbrellas - Se pare ca te-a lasat norocul, nu mai avem umbrele.

    99.Saw - Sawed - Sawn/Sawed - A taia cu fierastraul
    I always saw off the Christmas tree branches before getting rid of it - Totdeauna tai ramurile la brad inainte sa ma descotorosesc de el.

    100. Say - Said - Said - A spune
    Say something! - Zi ceva!
    "I made a mistake!" "I'll say" - "Am gresit!" "Si inca cum"
    Let's say it's so - Sa spunem ca asa e.
    He said goodye and rode off. - Si-a luat ramas bun si a plecat pe cal.

    101.See - Saw - Seen - A vedea, a intelege
    I see an eagle in the sky - Vad un vultur pe cer
    I see what your saying. - Inteleg ce spui.
    I see her as the leader - O vad pe ea in postul de conducator
    Please see what they want - Te rog vezi ce vor.
    He is seeing somebody - Se vede cu cineva
    The doctor will see you now - Poti intra in cabinetul doctorului.
    See that they do it right - Vezi sa faca treaba bine.
    He had to see the ruins for himself - A trebuit sa vada ruinele cu ochii lui.
    Please see the guests to the door - Te rog condu-i pe musafiri.

    102.Seek - Sought - Sought - A cauta
    I'll go seek help - Ma duc sa caut ajutor
    He is seeking employment - Cauta o slujba.

    103.Sell - Sold - Sold - A (se) vinde
    I want to sell the house - Vreau sa vand casa
    Apples don't sell so well anymore - Merele nu se mai vand asa de bine.
    He was sold on the idea of a rooftop garden - I-a placut ideea unei gradini pe acoperis.

    104.Send - Sent - Sent - A trimite
    He sent me a letter - Mi-a trimis o scrisoare
    They sent the children to boarding school - Au trimis copiii la internat
    The football player sent the ball out of the field - Jucatorul de fotbal a trimis mingea in afara terenului.
    I was sent for, wasn't I? - Am fost chemat(a), nu?

    105.Set - Set - Set - A aseza, a aranja
    He set the statuette on the table - A pus statueta pe masa
    He set the house on fire - A dat foc la casa
    I set the alarm clock at 8 - Am pus ceasul sa sune la 8
    He must set the table by 6 - Trebuie sa puna masa pana in ora 6.
    It's all set - Totu-i aranjat.
    You must set a good example for your little sister - Trebuie sa fii un model pentru sora ta mai mica.
    The sun sets at 8. - Soarele apune la 8.
    Set apart the clothes you will need - Aseaza deoparte hainele de care vei avea nevoie.
    Let me set forth my ideas - Lasa-ma sa-ti prezint ideile mele.
    His smoking set off the fire detector - Fumatul lui a pornit detectorul de incendii.
    I set up shop in town - Mi-am ridicat un magazin in oras.

    106.Sew - Sewed - Sewn/Sewed - A coase
    He is sewing the hem of his pants - El isi coase tivul la pantaloni.

    107.Shake - Shook - Shaken - A tremura, a scutura

    To shiver with cold - A tremura de frig.

    The hunter started shaking when he saw the lion. - Vanatorul a inceput sa tremure cand a vazut leul.
    The night the earth shook - Noaptea cand pamantul s-a zguduit.
    To shake hands - A da mana.
    She shook the tambourine and the music played - Ea scutura tamburina iar muzica rasuna.
    We shook hands on it - Ne-am inteles

    108.Shave - Shaved - Shaven/Shaved - A (se) rade
    He shaved his mustache this morning - Si-a ras mustata in dimineata asta.
    He shaved the wood carefully - A dat cu atentie lemnul la rindea.

    109.Shed - Shed - Shed - A pierde (par, kilograme, lacrimi etc)

    A pierde ceva e to lose

    He shed tears in silence - Plangea in liniste
    What you said shed some light on this mystery. - Ceea ce mi-ai spus a aruncat putina lumina asupra acestui mister.
    The oaktree has shed its leaves. - Stejarul s-a lepadat de frunze.
    My dog's hair is shedding - Cainelui meu ii cade par din blana.

    110.Shine - Shone - Shone - A straluci
    Moonlight shone on the forest path - Lumina lunii stralucea pe cararea din padure
    The happiness that shone in his eyes said it all - Bucuria care-i stralucea in ochi era graitoare.

    111.Shoe - Shod - Shod - A (se) incalta

    Uzual pentru a se incalta e to put on one's shoes
    Astazi se foloseste aproape numai cand vorbim de cai.

    Who will shoe your pretty little feet? - Cine-ti va incalta piciorusele?
    He shoes horses - E potcovar
    112.Shoot - Shot - Shot - A impusca
    I shot the sheriff - L-am impuscat pe serif.
    Peter shot an angry look at him - Peter i-a aruncat o privire suparata.
    Water shot out of the pipe - A tasnit apa din teava.
    Pain shot through my arm - O durere m-a sagetat in brat

    113.Show - Showed - Shown - A arata
    He showed me his stamp collection - Mi-a aratat colectia lui de timbre.
    He showed them to the door. - I-a condus la usa.
    What's showing at the movies this week? - Ce film ruleaza saptamana asta?
    You didn't show up for rehearsal. - Nu ai venit la repetitii.

    114.Shrink - Shrank - Shrunk - A se micsora
    People shrink with age - Cu varsta, oamenii scad in inaltime
    I want to shrink this photo, and keep it in my purse - Vreau sa micsorez aceasta fotografie si sa o tin in poseta.
    The lake shrank because of the draught - Lacul s-a micsorat datorita secetei.

    115.Shut - Shut - Shut - A inchide
    Shut up! - Taci din gura!
    Please, shut the door! - Te rog, inchide usa!
    The electricity is shut off. - Curentul e oprit.
    The health inspectors shut down the store - Inspectorii de sanatate au inchis magazinul
    They shut off the radioactive plant - Au inchis (si au izolat) uzina radioactiva.

    116.Sing - Sang - Sung - A canta
    She sings in the choir - Ea canta in cor
    Let's sing a song - Hai sa cantam un cantec
    Happy birds are singing in the sky - Pasari fericite canta in cer.

    117.Sink - Sank - Sunk - A (se) scufunda
    The battleship has been sunk! - Nava de razboi a fost scufundata!
    His heart sank at the news - I s-a prabusit inima la aflarea vestii.
    His words finally sank in - Cuvintele lui au capatat in sfarsit inteles.
    Sink or swim - Sau inoti sau te scufunzi.

    118.Sit - Sat - Sat - A sta jos
    Don't sit on the floor, pull up a chair. - Nu sta pe jos, trage-ti un scaun.
    My parrot sits on my shoulder - Papagalul imi sta pe umar
    Their house sits in a green valley - Casa lor se afla intr-o vale verde.
    Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet - Mica Miss Muffet sta pe un delusor
    That doesn't sit well with me - Nu imi cade bine asta
    That stadium sits 30,000 people - Stadionul acela are 30.000 de locuri.
    Sit still! - Stai locului!

    119.Slay - Slew - Slain - A ucide
    Ceasar was slain by his political adversaries - Cezar a fost ucis de adversarii sai politici

    120.Sleep - Slept - Slept - A dormi
    I usually sleep until seven - Deobicei dorm pana la 7.
    I slept like a log - Am dormit bustean.

    121.Slide - Slid - Slid - A aluneca

    Pentru a aluneca din greseala e mai uzual to slip
    A slide = Un tobogan

    Children on a sled slid past - Copiii pe sanie au trecut in zbor
    He slid on the ice and broke his arm. - A alunecat pe gheata si si-a rupt mana
    Let it slide! - Las-o moarta! Treaca!
    He slid the stolen watch into his pocket - Si-a bagat ceasul furat in buzunar.

    122.Slit - Slit - Slit - A taia cu o lama (nu cu un foarfece)

    Cuvantul uzual pentru a taia e to cut

    He got life in prison for slitting his neighbor's throat - A primit inchisoare pe viata pentru ca a taiat gatul vecinului sau.

    123.Smell - Smelt/Smelled - Smelt/Smelled - A mirosi
    We must all stop sometimes and smell the roses - Toti trebuie sa ne oprim cateodata si sa mirosim trandafirii.
    Throw away this cheese, it smells. - Arunca branza asta, miroase.

    124.Speak - Spoke - Spoken - A vorbi
    She spoke at the gathering - A vorbit la adunare
    They are not on speaking terms - Nu isi vorbesc
    I speak in their name - Vorbesc in numele lor
    Do you speak English? - Vorbesti engleza?
    Speak out, don't be afraid! - Vorbeste cu curaj, nu-ti fie frica!
    Speak up, we can't hear you - Vorbeste mai tare, nu te-auzim!
    Speaking of pets, how's Fifi? - Apropo de animale de companie, Fifi ce mai face?

    125.Speed - Sped/Speeded - Sped/Speeded - A merge cu viteza, a accelera
    Speed up! Step on it! - Grabeste-te! Calca acceleratia!
    Cars sped by - Masinile treceau in viteza

    126.Spell - Spelt/Spelled - Spelt/Spelled - A spune un cuvant pe litere
    Spell out your name, please - Spune-ti numele pe litere te rog.
    This could spell the end of the European Union - Acest lucru ar putea marca sfarsitul Uniunii Europene.

    127.Spend - Spent - Spent - A cheltui
    You spend to much! - Cheltuiesti prea mult!
    How much time do you spend with your family? - Cat timp petreci cu familia?
    Where will you spend your vacation? - Unde iti vei petrece vacanta?

    128.Spill - Spilt/Spilled - Spilt/Spilled - A varsa
    I spilled some juice on my blouse. - Mi-am varsat niste suc pe bluza.
    The beads spilt onto the floor - Margelele s-au imprastiat pe podea.

    129.Spin - Span/Spun - Spun - A se invarti (ca un titirez), a toarce
    My great grandmother could spin very well. We still have her spinning wheel - Strabunica mea torcea foarte bine. Inca avem masina ei de tors.
    We play football with our fingers, by spinning coins. - Jucam fotbal cu degetele, invartind monezi.
    She spins wonderful stories - Ea spune niste povesti minunate.
    My head is spinning - Ma simt ametit (mi se invarte capul)

    130.Spit - Spat/Spit - Spat/Spit - A scuipa
    Stop spitting out the medicine! - Nu mai scuipa medicamentele!
    He is constantly spitting out insults - El tot timpul arunca (scuipa) insulte.

    131.Split - Split - Split - A taia, a imparti
    Will you please split the watermelon in two? - Vrei te rog sa tai pepenele in doua?
    I will split the cake equally - Voi imparti tortul in mod egal.

    132.Spoil - Spoilt/Spoiled - Spoilt/Spoiled - A alinta, a se strica
    You spoil that child too much! - Alinti copilul prea mult.
    The milk has spoilt - Laptele s-a stricat

    133.Spread - Spread - Spread - A (se) intinde
    Would you like to spread butter on your toast? - Ti-ar place sa intinzi unt pe painea prajita?
    Please spread out the tablecloth - Te rog intinde fata de masa.
    The news spread fast - Vestea s-a raspandit repede.
    Take a picture when the eagle spreads its wings. - Fa o poza cand vulturul isi intinde aripile.

    134.Spring - Sprang - Sprung - A sari (din ghemuit, ca un arc)
    The tiger sprang from the bushes - Tigrul a sarit din tufisuri.
    Small stores are springing up everywhere - Magazine mici apar (ca din senin) peste tot.
    She has a spring to her step lately - Se simte o vioiciune deosebita (o bucurie) in mersul ei in ultima vreme.
    An idea sprang into my mind. - Mi-a venit o idee in minte.

    135.Stand - Stood - Stood - A sta in picioare
    Stand still! - Nu te misca!
    All the seats on the bus were taken, so I stood the whole time. - Toate locurile din autobuz erau luate asa ca am stat in picioare tot timpul.
    The old house is still standing - Vechea casa inca mai exista
    Does the agreement still stand? - Mai e valabila intelegerea?
    His paintings stood the test of time - Picturile lui au rezistat trecerii timpului, sunt inca celebre.
    I can't stand math - Nu suport matematica.
    They stood by me in tough times - Ei m-au sustinut in vremuri grele.
    I stand for Women's Rights - Sustin drepturile femeilor.
    The republic for which it stands - Republica pe care o reprezinta.
    A flamingo stands on one leg - Un flamingo sta intr-un picior.
    Please stand up! - Va rog sculati-va in picioare.

    136.Steal - Stole - Stolen - A fura
    He stole my wallet - Mi-a furat portofelul!
    He stole the show - A fost de departe cel mai bun numar din spectacol.
    He stole a glance - S-a uitat pe furis

    137.Stick - Stuck - Stuck - A lipi, a infige
    He stuck a pin into the pin cushion - A infipt un bold in perna de ace.
    I am stuck in this boring job - Sunt prins in aceasta slujba plicticoasa.
    The door is stuck - Usa e intepenita.
    Let's stick together! - Hai sa ramanem uniti!
    I will stick a note on his door - Ii voi lasa un biletel la usa.

    138.Sting - Stung - Stung - A intepa
    I once was stung by a bee - Am fost odata muscat de o viespe.
    The smoke made my eyes sting - Fumul facea sa ma intepe ochii.
    A stinging remark - O remarca usturatoare.

    139.Stink - Stank - Stunk - A mirosi urat
    Flowers in vases can end up stinking - Florile din vaze pot in cele din urma sa puta.
    This deal stinks - Aceasta intelegere imi displace profund (pute)

    140.Stride - Strode/Strided - Stridden - A merge cu pasi lungi si vigurosi

    A merge se zice to walk

    He was striding to the airport terminal - Mergea la termnalul aeroportului.

    141.Strike - Struck - Struck/Stricken - A lovi
    The bullet struck him in the arm - Glontul l-a lovit in brat
    He strikes me as a kind person - Mi se pare o persoana de treaba
    The clock struck midnight - Ceasul a batut miezul noptii.
    To strike a bell - A bate clopotul
    The speaker struck a chord in many. - Vorbitorul a atins o coarda sensibila in multi ascultatori.
    In the Middle Ages many were struck down by the plague. - In Evul Mediu multi erau loviti de ciuma.

    142.String - Strung - Strung - A insira

    String e fir. Multe actiuni legate de fire se traduc prin to string.

    I have to string my guitar - Trebuie sa-mi acordez chitara
    They strung an electrical wire across the street. - Au intins un cablu electric de-a lungul drumului.
    I have to string these beads back. - Trebuie sa pun margelele acestea inapoi pe sforicica.

    143.Strive - Strove - Striven - A se zbate (in sens pozitiv), a depune un mare efort
    I strive to be the best teacher - Ma lupt sa fiu cea mai buna profesor.
    Strive to reach the stars - Zbate-te sa ajungi la stele.

    144.Swear - Swore - Sworn - A jura, a injura
    I swear allegiance to my country, Romania. - Jur credinta tarii mele, Romania
    I swear I didn't eat the cake - Jur ca n-am mancat tortul
    He was swearing and cursing everyone around - Ii injura si ii blestema pe toti cei din jur.
    Don't swear at him! - Nu il mai injura!

    145.Sweat - Sweat/Sweated - Sweat/Sweated - A transpira
    I sweat bullets when I work out - Transpir din greu (gloante) cand ma antrenez.

    146.Sweep - Swept/Sweeped - Swept/Sweeped - A matura
    Let me sweep the kitchen - Lasa-ma sa matur in bucatarie
    The flood waters swept away everything in their path.- Inundatia a maturat totul din calea ei.
    The hills sweep down to the sea. - Dealurile coboara pana la mare.

    147.Swell - Swelled - Swollen - A se umfla
    The river is swelling - Raul se umfla
    Your face is swollen - Ai fata umflata

    148.Swim - Swam - Swum - A inota
    I swam 50 laps - Am inotat 50 de lungimi de bazin.
    I dream of swimming in money someday - Visez ca intr-o zi sa inot in bani

    149.Swing - Swung - Swung - A (se) legana
    The monkey was swinging from its tail - Maimuta se legana atarnata de coada.
    He doesn't swing his arms when walking - Nu isi leagana bratele cand merge.
    He came swinging down the road, whistling a tune - Venea vesel pe drum fluierandu o melodie

    150.Take - Took - Taken - A lua
    Did you take your medicine today? - Ti-ai luat azi doctoriile?
    Take a bus to school - Du-te cu autobuzul la scoala
    His reactions always take me by surprise - Reactiile lui totdeauna ma iau prin surprindere.
    He took her hand in marriage - El s-a insurat cu ea. (i-a luat mana in casatorie)
    He took a seat - A luat loc
    Take a picture - Fa o poza
    Take your time - Nu te grabi
    Take comfort in your daughter - Gaseste-ti consolarea in fata ta.
    Take a left turn and you are there - Ia-o la stanga si ai ajuns.
    You should take your temperature - Ar trebui sa-ti iei temperatura
    Take a walk - Du-te la plimbare
    Take a break - Fa o pauza.
    Take down the curtains - Da jos perdelele
    Take off your coat - Scoate-ti haina
    Can you please take out this splinter? - Poti te rog sa-mi scoti aceasta aschie?
    He took off - A plecat in graba
    As I take it, he's not coming home - Dupa cate inteleg eu, el nu va veni acasa.

    151.Teach - Taught - Taught - A invata pe altii
    Can you teach me English? - Ma poti invata engleza?
    He taught History all his life. - Toata viata el a predat istoria.

    152.Tear - Tore - Torn - A rupe
    The nail tore a hole in my sock - Cuiul mi-a facut o gaura in ciorap
    After reading that article he tore the newspaper to pieces - Dupa ce a citit articlul a rupt ziarul in bucati
    They will tear down this building - Vor demola aceasta cladire.
    A country torn by rival political parties - O tara sfasiata de partide politice rivale.
    The dog tore into the food - Cainele s-a repezit la mancare
    153.Tell - Told - Told - A spune (cu sensul de a povesti)
    Tell us a story! - Spune-ne o poveste!
    Tell me what happened - Spune-mi ce s-a intamplat
    Tell me about the trip - Povesteste-mi despre excursie.
    I'll tell you a secret - Iti spun un secret
    Could you tell if he was lying? - Iti dadeai seama daca minte?
    I can't tell who's coming, it's too dark. - Nu-mi dau seama cine vine, e prea intuneric.

    154.Think - Thought - Thought - A gandi, a crede
    I thought about what you said - M-am gandit la ce ai spus.
    I think you are right - Cred ca ai dreptate
    He thinks he is smart. - Se crede destept.
    What do you think your doing? - Ce faci? (Ce iti inchipui ca faci?) - Ce te-a apucat?
    I am thinking about you - Ma gandesc la tine.

    155.Thrive - Throve/Thrived - Thriven/Thrived - A merge infloritor, a prospera
    That plant thrives in the shade - Plantei aceea ii merge infloritor la umbra.
    My business is thriving - Afacerii mele ii merge infloritor

    156.Throw - Threw - Thrown - A arunca
    My dog wanted me to throw the ball - Catelul meu vroia sa arunc mingea.
    He threw me a glance - Mi-a aruncat o privire
    He threw away the left-overs. - A aruncat mancarea ramasa
    He threw out the garbage - A dus gunoiul (l-a scos din casa)
    He threw up - A vomitat

    157.Thrust - Thrust - Thrust - A vari
    He thrust his hands into his pockets - Si-a varat mainile in buzunar.
    He thrut his sword into the enemy - Si-a varat sabia in dusman

    158.Tread - Trod - Trodden - A merge cu pasi grei peste ceva
    He tread through the forest with heavy feet and a heavy heart - Mergea prin padure cu picioare grele si cu inima la fel.

    159.Understand - Understood - Understood - A intelege
    I understand your point of view - Iti inteleg punctul de vedere
    I don't uderstand this theorem - Nu inteleg aceasta teorema
    I understand this is unexpected. - Inteleg ca e ceva neasteptat

    160.Upset - Upset - Upset - A necaji, a supara, a rasturna
    He upset the vase and it broke - A rasturnat vaza care s-a spart.
    Stop upsetting your brother - Nu-l mai necaji pe fratele tau
    Why is he so upset? - De ce e el atat de suparat?

    161.Wake - Woke - Woken - A trezi
    Wake me up in an hour - Scoala-ma peste-un ceas
    That moment was for me a wake up call - Momentul acela a fost pentru mine unul de trezire.
    Romanian, wake up from the sleep of death - Desteapta-te romane din somnul cel de moarte

    162.Wear - Wore - Worn - A purta
    On her head she wore a yellow ribbon - Purta pe cap o funda galbena
    Wear a coat it's freezing outside - Poarta o haina e foarte frig afara
    He wears glasses - El poarta ochelari
    I will wait until the alcohol has worn off - Am sa astept pana se duce efectul alcoolului.
    Children can wear you out - Copiii te pot epuiza
    My car is so worn down I am afraid to drive it sometimes - Masina mea e atat de uzata incat uneori mie frica sa o conduc

    163.Weave - Wove - Woven - A tese, a impleti

    A impleti par - to plait hair.

    She weaves rugs - Ea tese covoare
    He weaves baskets - El impleteste cosuri
    The writer wove his memories into the plot - Scriitorul a intercalat amintirile proprii in poveste

    164.Wed - Wed/Wedded - Wed/Wedded - A (se) casatori
    I wed when I was 20. - M-am casatorit la 20 de ani.
    I wed David - M-am casatorit cu David.
    We need a minister to wed us. - Ne trebuie un preot care sa ne casatoreasca.

    165.Weep - Wept - Wept - A plange amar
    They wept when they remembered all their freinds killed in the war - Au plans cand si-au amintit de toti prietenii lor morti in razboi.

    166.Wet - Wet/Wetted - Wet/Wetted - A umezi
    Wet the sponge, please. - Umezeste te rog buretele
    He still wets the bed at night, although he is 9 - Inca mai uda noaptea patul desi are noua ani.

    167.Win - Won - Won - A castiga
    She won the competition - A castigat concursul.
    Her speech won over many listners - Discursul ei a castigat pe multi ascultatori.

    168.Wind - Wound - Wound - A (se) incolaci
    I have to wind my watch - Trebuie sa imi intorc ceasul.
    Where does this path that winds up the mountain take me? - Unde ma duce aceasta carare ce serpuieste in sus pe munte?
    You'll wind up in a bear's cave. - Ai sa nimeresti intr-o pestera de urs.

    169.Wring - Wrung - Wrung - A stoarce

    A nu se confunda cu to ring (care se citeste la fel) - a suna.

    He was wringing his hands in dispair - El isi frangea mainile de disperare
    The washing machine will wring out the water. - Maina de spalat va stoarce apa.

    170.Write - Wrote - Written - A scrie
    He writes poems - El scrie poezii.
    Let me write you a check - Sa-ti completez un cec.
    He wrote to us that he would come visit - Ne-a scris ca va veni sa ne viziteze
    Write down what I'm about to tell you - Scrie ce am de gand sa-ti spun.

    Verbe care au aceeasi radacina deobicei au si aceleasi forme neregulate.
    put : input : output
    cast : forecast : broadcast
    sau chiar
    stand : understand

    Verbe neregulateVerbe modale

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