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Grafitgroup: asul din maneca


Limericks sunt poezii absurde englezesti.

Mai jos puteti citi atat poezii din prima carte scrisa de Edward Lear A Book of Nonsense, cat si lucrari mai recente.

There was an Old Mam with a nose,
Who said "If you choose to suppose
That my nose is too long,
You are certainly wrong!"
That remarkable Man with a nose

A fost un Batran cu un nas,
Care a spus "Daca doriti sa credeti
Ca nasul meu e prea lung,
Va inselati cu siguranta!"
Acel Batran remarcabil cu nas

Autor: E. Lear

There was an Old Man of Moldavia,
Who had the most curious behaviour,
For while he was able,
He slept on a table
That funny Old Man from Moldavia

A fost un Batran din Moldova
Cu cel mai bizar comportament
Caci cand era in stare
Dormea pe masa.
Acel Batran ciudat din Moldova

Autor: E. Lear

There was an Old Man who said "How
Shall I flee from this horrible cow?
T will sit on a stile,
And continue to smile
Which may soften the heart of the cow

A fost un Batran care a zis "Cum
Sa scap de aceasta vaca oribila
Am sa stau pe un gard
Si am sa zambesc incontinuu
Poate voi inmuia inima vacii.

Autor: E. Lear

There was an Old Man who said "Hush!
I perceive a young bird in this bush!"
When they said "Is it small?"
He replied "Not at all!
It is four times as big as the bush!"

A fost un Batran care a zis "Shhh!
Vad o pasare tanara in tufis!
Cand l-au intrebat "E mica?"
El a raspuns "Nici gand!"
E de patru ori mai mare ca tufisul!"

Autor: E. Lear

There was an old person of Cromer
Who stood on one leg to read Homer
When he found he grew stiff,
He jumped over the cliff,
Which concluded that person of Cromer

A fost o Persoana Batrana din Cromer
Ce sta intr-un picior cand citea pe Homer
Cand a descoperit ca a intepenit
S-a aruncat in prapastie
Ceea ce a terminat Persoana din Cromer

Autor: E. Lear

There was a young lady from Kent,
Who always said just what she meant.
People said "She's a dear
So unique, so sincere
And they shunned her by common consent

Era o tanara din Kent
Care spunea exact ce gandea.
Oamenii ziceau "E o scumpa
Atat de unica, atat de sincera"
Si o evitau prin intelegere tacita

There was a young fellow from Tyne,
Put his head on the South-Eastern Lime
But he died of ennui,
For the 5:53
Didn't come till a quarter past nine

Era un tanar din Tyne,
Care si-a pus capul pe linia de cale ferata
Dar a murit de plictiseala,
Caci trenul de 5:53.
A venit abia la 9 si un sfert.

There was an old man who said "Do,
Tell me how to add two and two
I'm not very sure
That it doesn't make four-
But I fear that is almost too few

Era un batran care a zis "Te rog,
Spune-mi cum adun 2 si cu 2.
Nu sunt foarte sigur
Daca nu face 4
Dar ma tem ca-i cam putin.

There was an old lady who said
When she found a thief under her bed,
"Get up from the floor;
You're too near the door
And you may catch a cold in the head

Era o batrana care a zis
Cand a gasit un hot sub pat
Scoala-te de pe podea
Esti prea aproape de usa
Si s-ar putea sa racesti la cap

There's a clever old miser who tries
Every method to economise
He said with a wink,
I save gallons of ink
By simply not dotting my i's

Un zgarcit istet odata
Incerca toate metodele sa economiseasca
Spunea facand cu ochiul
Eu economisesc tone de cerneala
Pur si simplu fiindca nu pun punctul pe i